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Website performance notes

What is web page speed? Should we care? Does this metric have a significant business value? Do we really care about performance?

O manager, where art thou?

I strongly believe that code is just part of the picture. In my experience, a good project manager is the black swan of web development.

Benchmarking Wordpress on EC2

Can 'Auntie Anne's Knitting' website run on EC2?

Is the Linux Shell ready for the dustbin?

Pros and cons of the Linux shell, plus a rant against the dominant visual culture we live in.

Auto Scaling on AWS: an overview

A brief overview of scalable architectures on Amazon AWS and auto scaling

Be afraid of the dark

Some of my favourite dark and creepy animations on the web.

Personal interests

Web Development

My professional resumè, technical articles and petty projects.


Street photography, cityscapes and portraits. I have a dedicated site and 2 self published books.


Short stories and random thoughts from my old italian blog, collected in the book "Rumore".

Drawing and animation

A complete newbie in drawing, bear with me.
My first stop-motion animation experiment too.