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About me (as a photographer)

I was born in Genova (Italy), with the Moon in Cancer. I left the golden cage of my family and the beloved smelly city alleys at 16 to follow an Hungarian trapezist I fell in love with. She was blonde. We travelled around Europe with the circus for two years, until we found the missing elephant. I then developed my taste for surreal images and cotton candy. I lived in Paris in a squatters building in Montparnasse, in a vibrant community of artists, writers, actors, drug dealers and estate agents. I learned that Rimbaud’s poems and a shot of absinthium can keep you awake and warm during the long winter parisian nights, queueing for reduced price Moulin Rouge tickets. Looking for a real challenge, I left Paris to find the true me. I travelled around the world for one year, alone, with a black Moleskine in my pocket. Finally, I found the true me in the Himalayas, contemplating a glorious dawn on the top of world. He was cold. Me and the true me got back to Italy, in Varese. I had several jobs, including gigolò, bodyguard, kickboxing instructor and primary school librarian. Then I found photography. I realized it was my true passion and I quit my job as a librarian. Tired of the culturally suffocating provincial life in Milano, I left Italy and came to London, a perfect city for a photographer with a police security pass and a special council permit to shoot the rubbish bins. I spent two years exploring the magical word of abstract photography, then I read the camera manual. And when my psychotherapist told me that I wasn’t the only human being in this universe I started learning portrait photography. My works are now part of several permanent exhibitions in relatives and friends houses around the world.


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