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I am an IT Professional with extensive experience in web development for the profit and not-for-profit sector. I started with the end to end development of database and web applications for the clinical sectors, moving in 2010 in the business sector (websites for the art sector). I like to see myself as a determined and persistent problem solver with intellectual curiosity and effective learning skills, that favours simplicity over complexity. I am experienced in PHP backend web development (MVC frameworks, Drupal and WordPress), LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP) platform setup and optimisation, AWS Cloud management, e-commerce integration, Linux system administration, database design & modelling, statistical data analysis, requirement analysis.


Career highligths

  • Wordpress backend development and Linux server optimization (capacity planning, load test, auto scaling, monitoring, caching, etc.)
  • Drupal backend development and ecommerce integration (Sagepay, TNS, Tessitura) for the Southbank Centre, National Theatre, Roundhouse, Wigmore Hall, Young Vic, King’s Place websites
  • Setup and optimisation of Drupal based website infrastructure in a Linux-based cloud environment
  • Design and development of clinical web portals and database applications for the Italian NHS, research institutes and charities
  • Managed the analysis and development of the Cdata open source project clinical database
  • Developed, managed and analysed clinical and epidemiological databases in LAMP, Microsoft Access, Oracle/Java



  • Programming languages: PHP (functional and Object Oriented), SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Linux shell scripting, Java
  • Web development: Linux, Apache, MySql, WordPress, Drupal, Varnish, Memcache, Solr, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Tessitura API, Amazon Cloud, SVN, GIT, SQL Server, Ms Access
  • Web operations: web server configuration, administration, monitoring, optimization and task automation, Amazon AWS



2012 to present – Drupal developer: Zone Content (UK)

Website: http://www.thisiszone.com

  • Drupal, WordPress and pure PHP backend development
  • Server administration/tuning
  • Amazon AWS automation

2010 to 2012 – Web developer: Firechaser Ltd (UK)

  • Drupal and PHP backend development for the arts (e.g. National Theatre, Southbank Centre, Wigmore Hall, Roundhouse, YoungVic, King’s Place, Cheltenham Festivals)
  • Payment service providers (Sagepay and TNS) and Tessitura API integration
  • Drupal and LAMP performance tuning and optimisation
  • Linux servers and Amazon Cloud setup and administration
  • Requirement analysis

2007 to 2009 – IT Coordinator / Web developer: Cure2Children Foundation (Florence)

Website: http://www.cure2children.co.uk

  • Responsible for creating and maintaining web IT infrastructure on a Linux server
  • Appointed to develop and integrate open source web infrastructure for 3 websites (Drupal)
  • Integrated collaboration & communication tools, e-shop, forum, blog & photo gallery
  • Analysis and development of the Cdata open source project: a flexible clinical database platform built around modules (page, file, patient, clinical form, task, event, etc.) used in the Thalassemia project
  • IT support for the Thalassemia Bone Marrow Transplantation project (Pakistan)
  • Development of a custom accounting web application

2005 to 2006 – Director of Metwork Ltd

  • Set up of a limited company involved in the development of clinical web databases

2005  – Web programmer: Karma Italiana Srl (Milano)

  • Responsible for undertaking the re-engineering of the company e-shop
  • Appointed to undertake the development of a new database administration interface

2003 to 2004 – Web programmer: Bioengineering & Medical Informatics Association (Pavia)

Website: http://www.cbim.it

Company profile

CBIM is a research organization promoting and developing IT leading applications in Healthcare sector. Design and development of Hospital Information Systems, providing e-procurement solutions for purchasing in Public Health, carrying on innovative web based ICT projects, definition and implementation of organisational models for biomedical devices management, teaching and training represent the statutary CBIM activities.

Job description:

  • Responsible for undertaking web development, database design & requirement analysis
  • Appointed to analyse and re-engineer the database used for hospital expenses
  • Developed web portals for Parkinson clinical regional network and database
  • Created a medical information portal (Azalea)
  • Led the Headache Clinical Network project (database design and application programming)
  • Developed an application to automate Java code production, producing substantial time savings

2003 – Web programmer: University of Varese

  • Analysis & development of the web database for the Alzheimer Lombardia regional network

2001 to 2003 – Web programmer: Freelance Consultant

  • Responsible for building and managing network portals, web infrastructures and databases
  • Design and development of the Italian Neuroblastoma network portal and groupware web application
  • Appointed to provide freelance web programming to charities, resolving their IT issues

1998 to 2000 – Biostatistician and database programmer: Advanced Biotechnology Center (Genova)

  • Providing technical assistance and implementing IT solutions such as Office automation applications
  • Successfully developed and managed numerous databases with Microsoft Access such as for the NB97 national clinical protocol and undertook statistical analysis with SAS,R
  • Reengineered & managed the Italian Neuroblastoma Registry (from DB3 to Access)
  • Thesis was based on the database for the automatic calculation of neuroblastoma chemotherapy
  • Database for the symptomatic spinal cord compression study and published paper (Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol 19, Issue 1, 2001)
  • Database for the neuroblastoma laboratory of genetics
  • Performed several statistical analyses on the neuroblastoma dataset


Early careers includes

Military Service – volunteer for one year in the Gaslini Children Hospital and the Italian Neuroblastoma Association

Italian Neuroblastoma Association: http://www.neuroblastoma.org

Gaslini Institute: http://www.gaslini.org




MEng – Electronic Engineering (System Control), Politecnico di Milano – 93/100


Personal interests

Photography, vegetarianism, writing, drawing, tango, cinema, tai chi, yoga


Download the CV:

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